Information for parents/guardians

1. School Hours

  • School gates open at 9.10 am. 
  • School begins 9.20 am
  • Mid morning break 11 -11.15 am 
  • Lunch 12.45 -1.10 p.m 
  • Junior & Senior Infants Home Time 2 pm
  • First - Sixth Class Home Time 3 pm 

 All parents have a duty of care for the safe arrival of their children to school. This includes children who arrive on the school bus. Young children are not to be left at the gates unattended at any time.  

2. Communication

Please visit our school website for regular updates.
If your child is absent please notify school of absence via Aladdin Connect. 
If at any stage you wish to speak with your child’s teacher, please contact the school on 059-9161304 to arrange an appointment.
Please ensure that we have your most up-to-date contact number and email address.

3. Illness

If your child is unwell, please do not send your child to school.

4. School Uniform

Pupils are expected to wear the full school uniform

  • Plain Navy skirt (Knee length)/pinafore
  • Plain navy pants/tracksuit bottoms/shorts
  • Navy jumper with crest (crests are available in the office)
  • White shirt/polo shirt
  • Red tie (optional)
  • No jewellery except stud earrings.
  • No makeup, false nails or eyelashes.
  • No leggings, jeggings or jeans.
  • Safe and comfortable shoes must always be worn.
  • For reasons of hygiene, we urge parents to keep children’s hair tied back while in school.

5. Medication

Children are not permitted to bring medication (other than prescribed medication) to school. Where a child is on prescribed medication, this must be brought to the attention of the Class Teacher - ref school’s Administration of Medication Policy (available on school website ‘’). A form must be signed every year and presented to the school. Please enquire at the office or from your class teacher.
Also, please note that pupils will no longer be kept in during break.

6. Book Rental Scheme

Our book rental scheme is an integral and important part of our school. It represents extremely good value for parents (e.g. the cost of the 5th Class rental books is approx. €172.31 for fourteen books plus €10 for plastic covers. All of these books are available to rent from the school for €30). We are constantly working to maintain and improve the scheme, and your help and co-operation is important.
It is important to return these books for the continued success of this scheme. Non-return of book rentals will result in a replacement payment or exclusion from the scheme.

7. Headlice

From time to time, there are instances of headlice in the school. Parents should check for lice in their children’s hair on a regular basis. If lice are detected, treatment should begin immediately, and please inform the school. Once treatment has started, exclusion from school is not necessary. Please ensure that long hair is tied up.

8. Healthy Lunches

In line with the school’s healthy lunch policy, crisps, biscuits, cakes, minerals (fizzy), sweets, chocolate, chewing gum etc. are not permitted in school.
As St. Patrick’s National School is a ‘Green School’, children are encouraged to use a lunch box and a re-usable drinks container. We look forward to your co-operation in this matter.
The School Meals Scheme resumes in September. Pupils will receive 2 food items (a piece of fruit & a healthy a snack bar) daily. During this school year the Hot Meals Scheme will be introduced to our school. 

9. Mobile Phones

Pupils are not permitted to use mobile phones in school or during school activities. Phones must be powered off when pupils enter the school grounds.

10. Birthday invitations, Christmas Cards etc.

The distribution of birthday invitations, Christmas Cards etc. is not permitted in the school or on the school grounds. A child may feel ‘left out’ if s/he does not receive an invitation.

11. Behaviour

The school believes that a high standard of behaviour requires a strong sense of community within the school and a high level of cooperation among and between staff, pupils and parents. Parents are asked to read through and discuss the school’s Code of Behaviour with their children.