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Sixth Class 2019-2020

Class News 2019-2020

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Cumann na  Bunscol
Our school had two teams in this competition.  The boys and the girls teams were made up of 4th, 5th and 6th class students. The boy’s team was coached by Robbie Molloy, Mr Townsend and Mrs Molloy while our girl’s  team was coached by Mrs Gavin. The boys got off to a great start beating  Ballinabrana 4-11 to 2-7. Unfortunately, our girls lost their first game but they fought right till the end.  It was a great team effort.
In our second game, the boys team beat Borris 6-18 to 1-0 while the girls lost out to a good Borris team.  In our third match, the boys continued their good form by beating Grange.  This was probably  their toughest challenge yet but they still came out on top, winning 2-15 to 1-11 while our girls got their first win of the year by beating Grange by one point in a very close game.  
In the final match of the group stage, the boys were up against a very strong Tinryland side but yet again the boys won by a margin of four points. It was then the girls turn. It was a must win game for them but sadly the end result was a draw which just wasn’t enough.
There was great excitement around the school because the boys were in the final for the first time in three years!  In the final itself, we got off to a bad start and conceded two goals in three minutes.  We were  6 points down but kept cool and came back to a level score board by half-time. We fought on and won the final by 5 points! Our captain Joseph Gibbons made a great speech at the end and he included everyone.  
This was a a great start to the year for Rathvilly National School.

GAA Five Star
The GAA five star is a program to teach us how to play GAA and to improve our skills. Robert Samson was the person to teach us and he is also the Carlow County goal keeper. It was for all the childern from First to Sixth class. The first day we just did basic skills such as hand passing the ball, kicking it and running. The second day we were hand passing the ball over other people as we got further and further away. The third day we kicked the ball off the cone and ran around a circle while the other team had to try get the ball and get back before we ran around the circle. The fourth day we did a full day of kick passing to a partner. The fifth day we played lots of games on the basketball court. The sixth day we played a little match on the soccer court but you were not allowed to kick it you were only allowed to hand pass it. We are going down to the football pitch when the weather dries up to play mini football matches.

6th Class Team work - Assembling Folders
We recently got a box of folders from Ikea. We all worked together to make them, following the instructions carefully. They came flat packed, two in each pack. We had to fold them into shape then fold the bottoms of the folders. We put clips on each corner. Put a piece of paper in the front so you on which could write what was being held inside and then recycled all of the plastics that were left over.
Everyone did a great job and the folders are currently being used in the library.

In November, we were given an oral project to be completed by the 17th December. Everyone in the class got three cards with a topic on each which we could choose from. For example, Ryan got “To save energy everyone should go to bed when it gets dark” and Carrie got “People should be able to stop time whenever they want”.   When we chose our projects, we were able to put them on a page or flash cards. Then we had to stand up and present our projects. I think this will help us with our presentations next year.


STEM Towers
Before Christmas, 6 th class did a project on who could build the highest towers using cocktail sticks, marshmallows and sweets.
The group with the highest tower would win, it measured at 76cm tall.

  • In 1 st place came Dáire, Sean, Josh and Daragh. Their tower measured in at 76cm tall.

  • In 2 nd place came Brooke, Kia and Ryan. Their tower measured in at 69cm tall.

  • In 3 rd place came Ayla, Áine and Mischa. Their tower measured in at 64cm tall.

  • In 4 th place came Carrie, Emma and Aoibheann. Their tower measured in at 32cm tall.

  • In 5 th place came Brynn, Joseph and Peter. Their tower measured in at 26cm tall.

  • In 6 th place came Emily, Orlaith and Meadhbh. Their tower measured in at 24cm tall.

6th Class School Assembly
When we came back to a new school year we had our first Sixth class assembly in September. The theme was based on kindness, work Ethic, respect and a smile. Everyone in the class took part in the assembly. The show was set in Rathvilly Boarding school and the lesson behind the performance was to have work Ethic in school, kindness, respect and a smile. Everyone played a big part in it such as making the props and acting. We had to perform this for the whole school. We think they really enjoyed it!

6th Class Science Project
We started our projects in October and they had to be in for 14th of November 2019.  Firstly we showed them to our own class. We then had a day where all the classes from Junior Infants up came in and we demonstrated all our projects. Zach’s ooblech was probably the most popular of them all as everyone wanted to play with it.  Brynn’s vinegar powered boat decided to explode like Daragh’s volcano! The vinegar went everywhere! We saw carbon dioxide being used in many different ways. All the projects were very good and interesting and fun to do and watch! It was a very enjoyable day for everyone.

Our current 6th Class have certainly grown since First Class and are even more clever and talented now.

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