Fourth/Fifth Class 2017-2018 - St. Patrick's N.S.

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Fourth/Fifth Class 2017-2018

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News from Mrs Gavin's 4th and 5th Class 2017 - 2018.

Projects in 4th and  5th Class
The first projects we did this year were the bird projects. I did one on Blue Tits. It took a long time to complete. We had three weeks to do it. I really enjoyed doing the project. I guess all the hard work paid off because I came 2nd! The second project was on European countries. I liked this project. I got the Czech Republic. I found it very interesting and I learned a lot.
By Ayla McLoughlin

My favourite project was the bog project because we did it in a group which was the six of us in fourth class – Ayla, Orlaith, Zach, Mischa, Brynn and I. My favourite part was sticking on the pictures and writing the interesting facts. It was the best project ever.
By Alexa Smith

Computers  was really great fun. We did coding, games, Powerpoint, storymaking etc. Our teacher’s name is Nora and she taught us how to use the computers. My favourite thing to do was Powerpoint. I sat beside Megan Kelly. Megan  and I had lots of fun  on the computers. I can’t wait for next year.
By Alex Wade

Spelling Bee
On 8th March 2018 I went to Bennekerry N.S. to represent my school in the Spelling Bee. When I arrived I was buzzing! It was nerve-wracking as I had never experienced it before. Before it began wwe had a practice round. My word was “clean” which was quite easy. When the serious rounds started I began to get really nervous. My word was “frump”. I hadn’t a clue what she had said so I asked her to repeat it and then I got it wrong. I was quite upset because it was a very easy word and I was kind of embarrassed. I got over it though and I hope to qualify again next year.
By Leila Colfer

We learned about advertising with Mr Kehoe and our advertisement was called “BAMA” standing for Brynn, Ayla, Mischa and Amy. So Bama is a toothpaste that can be in any flavour. This is only imaginary so don’t  go looking it up on Google Chrome because it won’t show up! I really enjoyed doing the advertisement and we had great fun.
By Brynn Nolan

News from Mrs Gavin's 4th and 5th Class 2017 - 2018.

Sport in 5th Class
I was picked to represent the school in the Mini-sevens football competition on April 10th. I travelled to the Hurling Club in Carlow where there was one boy and one girl from each school in County Carlow. We had to play a match and all we had to do was try our best.  After the match I found out that I wouldn’t make it to Croke Park but it was a close match and a good experience.  A few weeks later, Faye, Ella and I were picked to represent the school and our county to play with girls from other schools in Carlow. We got a bus up to DCU to play for Carlow. We beat Dublin and Westmeath teams and got to the final against Meath but unfortunately we lost. It was a great experience and we did really well. I’d hope to get another opportunity like that again.
By Amalita O’Donoghue

Let us tell you about our swimming experience this year. Our swimming lessons were in Graiguecullen, Co Laois. They started on the 4th of September and ended on the 6th of November. This year we learned the backstroke, front stroke, diving and the frog. Our instructor was very kind and helpful and so easy to work with.  We had a great experience doing the swimming lessons with all of our friends.
By Ruby Collier and Gemma O’Halloran

Tag Rugby
Tag Rugby began in February and ended in May. For the three months that we did tag rugby with Larry it was always something to look forward to on a Thursday afternoon. Everyone loved tag rugby and had fun running around and playing. Overall, I think that tag rugby was a grewat experience and that younger classes should look forward to it.
By Elorah Hogan
Tag Rugby is a great sport. It is a noncontact sport and we play it in Rathvilly NS. Larry is the referee and he is a fair ref. When your tag is pulled off you belt you have to pass the ball backwards. It is a fast and interesting sport. I love tag rugby.
By Bryce Gardiner

FAI  5  a side soccer
Before Easter, Mr O’Connor held a small soccer tournament in school. Out of the two tournaments, he picked two teams, one for the boys and one for the girls. Sam, Cormac, Liam Gavin, Liam Lobaiza Heydon, Dylan, Alex , Robert and I were on the boys team. We travelled to Parkville on April 18th and competed against several teams. We managed to get through to the next round which took place two days later in Parkville  (the day before the confirmation!) That day, we played Ballinabranna and drew 3-3. Then we played Tinryland and lost 7-2. The last game was against Rathoe and they won 3-2. Unfortunately we didn’t progress past that stage but we had a great time.
By Rory Gavin and Alex Byrne

School Tour 2018

This school tour was brilliant. First we went to Croke Park which was so much fun. After we got off the bus we watched a short film about Croke Park. Then we went outside where there was a giant football and hurls. Next we went out to see the stands which were so BIG! Then we went to the top of the stands. After that we went into this room with loads of games which was so much fun followed by the museum which was very interesting. After a while we all went back to the bus and got our lunch. It was so hot! Then we got back on the bus and went to the National Aquatic Centre and we had so much fun. There were big slides and lots of fun things to do. I loved this school tour!
By Mischa Cassells

This school tour was the best school tour ever. It was for 3rd and 4th Class. When we left Rathvilly it was very warm and it was a long journey but it was a lot of fun. We went to Croke Park and did the tour. We went to the commentary box and we sat in the VIP area. Then we went to the National Aquatic Centre. We went on the wave, lazy river and water slides. I enjoyed the day so much I Would love to do it again.
By Orlaith O’Sullivan

On the 27th of June I went on my school tour. It was great fun. First we went to the Natural History Museum in Dublin. It was very good, we got this worksheet to draw and write about our favourite animal. Then we went to the National Art Gallery which was also great fun. After that we went to Avon Rí in Blessington. We had to get into groups and we went on the ropes (which were a bit scary!) went canoeing and then archery which was great fun. Then we went home, what a great day!
By Sophie Tyrrell

Credit Union Quiz Pictures.
Congratulations to our U/11 and U/13 Teams who both won 3rd Prize.

Cumann na mBunscol Team 2017

Panto in the Gaiety -January 2018
Wouldn’t you know these girls are used to the stage?  #superstars

Cycling Programme

Gemma, Megan and Leila – Prizewinners in Tullow Show Schools Competition 2017

Tie Die creations by 4th and 5th Class

Art in 4th and  5th Class

Tie Dye
Tie dye is where you get a shirt, tie it up, get dye and design it. It’s so much fun! There were many colours – yellow, red, orange, green, blue, navy, purple, pink, black, brown…… I used blue and navy. I tried to do a water-ocean effect but failed. But on the bright side, now it looks like the sky! You could do a few different styles like marbling, bullseye, swirl, crumple and more! Most people did a swirl but I did marbling! They all turned out great! We put plastic sheets on the tables to keep stains from getting on the table and set up little stations with the dye and shirts. We couldn’t put too much dye or it would go through it. It’s a really fun thing to do and I’d really recommend it a lot. The colours are magnificent!
By Mina Halpin

Art in 4th and  5th Class

This year in class we used Hama beads. This is how it works. You put beads on a tray in a shape of some sort or even put it in a pattern. Then you get greaseproof paper and put it on top. Then go over it with an iron (Mrs Gavin used the iron!) a couple of times and after that slowly peel off the greaseproof paper. You have to be careful as they break easily. I really enjoyed it.
By Noah Byrne

I liked doing the marbling because it was fun. We had a tray lined with plastic and filled up with water. Using lollipop sticks we dipped them into oil paint and then drizzled it onto the water. Then we put our page on the water and when we lifted it out there was a beautiful colourful design on it. Now they are dry and ready to cover our Confirmation workbooks for next year.
By Megan Kelly

4th and 5th Class put on a brilliant assembly for us all to celebrate the story of St. Patrick's life. It was perfect timing to mark St. Patrick's Day. All the children and the staff really enjoyed the show.
Well done to the children in 4th and 5th involved and especially their teacher, Mrs Gavin for putting the play together

5th Class Assembly – St. Patrick

We did our assembly on St. Patrick. It was great fun rehearsing even though we only had one week. Brynn got to be St. Patrick. He was really good. Shane got to be the pirate and Bailey was the mean husband. When the day came we performed our assembly and sang “Hail Glorious St. Patrick. It went well, everyone clapped and really liked it, I think….
By Bailey Byrne and Shane C. Dunne

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