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First/Second Class 2017-2018

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We started this programme in January and it is running very smoothly. Each pupil in First and Second Class has  been paired with a Senior Reading Buddy fomr 6th  Class. Each day our buddy reads with us for 10-15 minutes. He or she help us with difficult words and ask us questions about what we have read. It is very enjoyable and a great opportunity to read lots of books.

Creating a link with Ms Curran's class in the USA
Ms Curran is currently teaching in Washington State in America. As part of a cultural exchange project, we are creating an exchange link with her pupils who are similar in age to us.   As a means of getting started, we have each completed a Super Me Profile Sheet and a paragraph about our school.  We also went outside and took photographs of our school which we thought might be of interest to Ms Curran's class and we are waiting for a package from America!  It will be very exciting to learn about school life in America. We will keep you posted on further developments.


Ms Mooney was our class teacher for 3 weeks in January. She is a student teacher and she was teaching in our school as part of our training.  During  her time with us, we did projects onthe Planets and Space. We were divided into small groups and we each chose a planet to study. Each group designed and information poster about its chosen planet and we also learned a rap song about The Planets which was fun to perform! We then decided to make a presentation to our Reading Buddies, Mr O'Connor, Ms Donegan, Ms Finlay and Mrs Joyce.  We wrote a letter of invitation to them and some of them wrote a reply back to us! We gave our presentation in the hall.  We really enjoyed having Ms Mooney teaching us and we wish her well with her teacher training.


Did you know that the Chinese New Year began on the 16th February this year and that celebrations last for 15 days. This is the year of the dog. We looked up what year we were born in according to the Chinese New Year calendar and most of us were born in the Year of the Rabbit.
Here are some interesting facts about China which we have learned:

  • The population of  China is 3.1 billion... that's a lot of people!!

  • Beijing is the capital city, once called Peking.

  • Half of the pigs in the world are in China!

  • The panda and the snow leopard are native animals of China.

  • A famous landmark in China is The Great Wall of China. This wall is 5000 miles long andit would take 18 months to walk it.

  • The highest mountain in world, Mount Everest is on the borders of China and Nepal.

  • Famous Chinese People - Bruce Lee (Actor and martial artist) Confucius (Teacher, politician and philospher)

  • The Yangtze River in China is 6830 kms long and the third longest river in the world.

  • Rice and tea both come from China.

See some images below of what our First and Second class students in Ms.Finlay's class have been up to  this year!

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