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First Class 2016-2017

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The children from First Class recently visited Lullymore in Co. Kildare on their school tour.  As you will see from their comments below, they enjoyed themselves immensely.

I enjoyed the forest because I learned that ivy moves from place to place to get light.  The holly leaves at the bottom of the tree have prickles but not at the top.  I found Fiachra interesting because he told us why he was grumpy.  He was a hunter gatherer. My favourite thing was the Crazy Golf because it was a big test. We saw fairies in the Fairy Forest. I enjoyed the Funky Forest because there are games upstairs like air hockey and Fuse ball. I learned that the bog was once a lake.  We also went to the Pet Farm.  We saw an alpaca. It's from the mountains in Peru.  It's back looked like a mountain!
By Paul Kehoe

I loved the Funky Forest and I enjoyed the big green slide.  I saw lots of fairies in the Fairy Forest and I loved jumping on the bog. It shook  when we jumped on it!!
By Abigail Gallagher

We went on our school tour on Tuesday, 27th June to Lullymore.  My favourite part was the big green slide. I went on it 10 times.  I saw the Fairy Queen at the Fairy Bower and she will bring me good luck! There were 27 people in my carriage on the bog train.
By Kristiana Razuvanova

We went to the Pet Farm in Lullymore.  There were goats, hens, kids, falabella ponies, shetland ponies, alpaccos and donkeys. Alpacos live in Peru.  Their wool is very expensive.  It is very useful. If you anger them, they will spit on you!

By Ben Blackburn

We went to Lullymore Discovery Park and into the Funky Forest. It was great and we laughed and played and looked at the fish.  We saw some animals and went on a train ride and laughed.  We saw a cottage, a very old house, old trains and a fairy kingdom.

By Charlie Wade

My favourite part was the zip line because I loved going on it. I also made a wish at the Fairy Tree.  We went on a train and saw flowers and grass.  We saw two cottages and we even got to go into them.  In the first one, there were 3 bedrooms.  We played in an indoor and outdoor playground.  I wish we could go back again!

By Louise Brown

My favourite part was going on the train because we saw foxgloves on the way. I enjoyed it.  It was amazing.  I liked the Crazy Golf because I got the ball into the hole 5 times.  I also loved the Fairy Tree.  At the Pet Farm, I saw donkeys, goats, falabella ponies and 4 pot belly pigs.  I have to say, I hope we will go there again!

By Cillian McFarland

We went on our school tour to Lullymore, it was great fun! My favourite part of it was when Katie showed us lots of things.  I also liked when we got to go into the thatched cottage.  There were scary waxed people.  It was very interesting.  We went on a train and we saw lots of old trains and we saw lots of plants.  We also looked for fairies. Then we gathered around the  fairy tree and we shook our wishes in our hand all around.  After that, we went to the petting farm. I saw an alpaca. If you annoy them, they will spit at you!  The Funky Forest playground was really fun. There was a big green slide, it was fun because it was really dark. Back to the thatched houses, there was a video of Fiachra. He was grumpy because there was a wild boar wandering around and he did not get much sleep.  I loved the bus ride home because we got to eat sweets.  Also, after we made our own wishes, we got our lunch.
By Ben Costa


I am going to Trabolgan on the 3rd July. It is going to be a Monday.  It is a 3 hour drive away.  My Mammy is driving. My sisters are coming too. We are staying for 4 days.

By Harry Burnell


SUMMER by Matilda Keane (1st Class)

Warm and peaceful Summer.
The strawberries have grown because of the sun,
Oh, I just love eating those
scrumptious, ripe, yummy strawerries.
Time to hear the birds sing in the morning
and watch the sun set in the evening.
Time to look out the window
and see some pretty flowers.

Raindrop by Roisin Corcoran (1st Class)

Raindrop, how silly are you?
Why do you bring horrible rain?
You're part of rain, so dont say you're not!
I am always wet and I don't like it,
So just stop!



Friendship Week 3rd - 7th October
During Friendship week, we discussed the following topics:

What is a friend?
It's ok to be different!
Our school is a safe, friendly place.
Sometimes friends 'Fall Out'

We wrote some "Friendship Poems" and we also made "Friendship"  bunting and chains which will hang in our classroom throughout the year.

During Maths Week from 10th - 14th October, we took a break from our Planet Maths workbook andexplored Maths in a different way.  In class, we played number and shape games and then we took to the outdoors where we completed a Maths Trail.  

Here are some of our interesting findings:
Our school was built in 1956
There are 13 cars in our staff car park which equals 52 car wheels.
It is 49 paces from the "Friendship Bench" to our door.
There are 12 windows on the front of our school.
Please see the photos across of our Trail.

A natural and free resource at this time of the year are leaves.  So we are back, outside and filling bags of leaves which  have fallen over the last few weeks.  Simply pack them in black refuse sacks, punched with holes and leave outside over the winter months.  Hopefully, in the Spring, you will have nutritious, FREE leaf compost for your garden.

Some samples of our work to date
Leaf pencil drawings
Silhouette of Winter Trees

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